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A Review On Pet Care Supplies

pet care supplies reviews

It’s wonderful to have a sweet animal buddy around. But getting a pet comes with some responsibilities and difficulties. They need proper care every day. You need to buy food, accessories and hygiene products that are specially made for animals. On top of that, your pet may get hurt or bring fleas. For that matter, you need to fetch adequate products. To ease the anxiety, Pet Care Supplies provides everything in one place. Pet Care Supplies comes with some pros and cons.


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Pet Care Supplies was founded way back in 2001. Here one can find both cat and dog products. They have items for treating wounds, skincare, toys, joint care, flea and tick control. It has been put at 24th position in the list of websites that deliver pet-related commodities. The site is relatively cheaper than others. Apart from that rates are in US Dollars only. Some are satisfied with their service and quality while few don’t see it up to the mark. Still, the question remains on whether to trust or not.

Advantages Or Positives

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Pet Care Supplies has all the basic items that a dog or cat needs. They sell medicinal products too. The first and foremost advantage of Pet Care Supplies is reasonable prices. This place is cheaper than other competitors. Pet Care Supplies has been around for almost 2 decades. The site assures that all the personal data like address, name, credit card details, etc. are safe with them. It has an SSL-approved certificate. They receive a great number of visitors each day. Pet Care Supplies free shipping to its customers. Also, people don’t require a prescription for making a purchase.

Disadvantages Or Negatives

The shipping is quite time-consuming. A product may take a maximum of 28 days to arrive which is nearly a month. That’s why customers need to buy 30 days in advance if they want a timely delivery. The whereabouts of the proprietor and operator are unknown. Sometimes, customers don’t receive shipping confirmation. There are many complaints about the delivery of low-quality products. People have come across various scams through online purchases, which is also a weakness.


Pet Care Supplies has all the necessary items that one must need. There are many positives and some negatives to the website. The site is cheaper and has gained trust in the last 20 years. They have a free shipping policy which is also a flaw. As a result, packages take time to arrive. It can even take a month as well. Customers don’t need a prescription to buy medicines for their dogs or cats. People can purchase shampoos, toys, brushes, and many more at minimal prices. The owner’s identity is still unknown, but the site has an approved SSL certificate. This site has earned mixed opinions from its customers.

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