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Like all veterinary clinics, Edinburgh Pet Health Center takes animal insurance for common illnesses & accidents. We accept most major pet health insurance plans in the United States and Canada. We also provide low-cost, no-risk pet health insurance for cats and dogs. In addition to covering unexpected illnesses & accidents, some pet insurance plans provide added routing coverage, or “wellness” plans that help you cover the cost of your animals’ regular health care. If you currently get pet health insurance but would like to combine your pet’s medicine with yours, you may do so by enrolling your pet in a “combined” plan.

As owner of Edinburgh Pet Health Center, I’m excited to share this special news with my fellow pet owners… we’re conducting an important article here on our website about Dr. Carpenters and his pet health center! This article will give you a brief background on the entire staff, their personalities, and their relationships with the dogs and cats they serve. (This is important information! :p) In addition, you’ll learn how Edinburgh Pet Health Center became such a popular.

An Overview

A dog holding a frisbee in its mouth

The entire staff at Edinburgh Pet Health Center is cordial and friendly. Many of my female clients have had their pets come to us for months… sometimes a year… and many of them bring their young puppies along. The staff is friendly, helpful, and eager to serve. The staff has a variety of pet treats for the kids to snack on, and they’re always ready to give their full attention to the animals they serve. When I asked the vet technicians if they knew anyone who wanted to bring a dog or cat in, they came up with three females and one male from the apartment over… read more.

When I brought the first of my three dogs to the Edinburgh Pet Health Center, I was initially very skeptical. I found out later that the dog had been given pain meds by his previous owner, and the vet was concerned because the medication had not been switched over yet. They gave him six weeks of pain meds… and then told me he would need another visit to get the dosage adjusted, and would have to come back within a few weeks. The thought of having to come back right after being away for six weeks scared me, so I scheduled another appointment for him. When I took him back that day, his condition was already better.

Edinburgh Pet Health Center Facts

A dog looking at the camera

I met the cute kitten before I even got to the Edinburgh Pet Health Center. He was running around in his cute pink bunny costume and was so adorable I just had to write a small bio on him for the receptionist to copy down. Anyway, the vet was kind enough to stop by my desk and introduced himself. He was from Brooklyn, and his name is Matt. He informed me that his mother had died after struggling with depression, and he needed to come to the vets in order to get help before things got worse.

After talking with Dr. Carpenter and his staff for about an hour, I asked him if he knew of any good pet friendly places. He told me that he did know of two… one in downtown Brooklyn, and one in Edinburgh, Scotland. Dr. Carpenter then led me to an indoor kennel they had at Brooklyn Park. While we were there, we saw a bunny in a tub. It made me laugh when I thought about how much he must be suffering. A little kitty like that can’t stand the cold!

After spending another two hours at the pet health center, and another two hours driving around Brooklyn, I was ready to head home. Before I sat down to have my final exam at the Brooklyn Park vet, I asked the vet if they had seen anyone who could speak English fluently in their facility. Another vet assistant came to greet me and offered to translate for me. This was good company… another voice I could relate to, and it made a huge difference in the decision-making process.

Bottom Line

After having my final exam at the Edinburgh Pet Health Center, I left with some great recommendations, and now I am completely proud to say that my cat (also known as Taffy), is now a very happy and healthy cat. I also went away from the pet clinics with a better idea of what kind of vets to stay away from… and what kind of vets should my friends and I keep our pets at. I don’t think I’ve ever been so thankful for any recommendation. Thank you, Dr. Carpentier, Dr. Phillips, and all the other staff members, at the Brooklyn Park vet, and also at the Edinburgh Pet Health Center, for making my experience at the vets so comfortable. And best of luck to all of you, my friend!

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