Babies And Dogs: Raising Kids With Pets -

Babies And Dogs: Raising Kids With Pets

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Babies and dogs have an unbelievable connection. When you have a dog at home and you are expecting a new baby, you ask yourself how these two will get along. Before expecting a new baby, many people spend a lot of time with their dogs. But when babies come to the family, things change since we invest a lot of time and energy to look after the babies. It is often seen that babies and dogs become best friends. We have often seen them playing and spending time together. Instead of facing any problem, it is better to start preparing for the baby beforehand and to correct the problems. 

Train Your Dog :

If you have noticed that your dog is not following your command then you need to train him again. You can go to the training class. Though puppies learn more easily than the older dogs you can still give him training. Many dogs start barking when they get excited. Address this problem as well. Babies need rest and so do parents as the parents get tired looking after the newborn babies. It will be unpleasant if your newborn keeps waking up with the noise. Watch other behaviors like jumping. Work on these habits of the dog as this will be a problem for your baby. 

Babies And Dogs: Raising Kids With Pets
Babies And Dogs: Raising Kids With Pets

Nursery For The Babies:

When you have decorated the nursery teach your child to be out of bounds. It will be best if you do this before the arrival of the child to avoid jealousy. 

Normalizing Your Babies And Dogs:

Many say to train the dog by buying the baby a doll and mimicking the parent-child interaction like cradling, talking. Notice your dog’s behavior and give him commands so that he follows them. Reward your dog if he behaves well. The noise level will change after the arrival of the baby. If your dog is gentle and having a friend visiting can help your dog to adjust to the sounds and the activity that is going on in the house. Change the schedule and stick to it to prevent any kind of jealousy.

How To Manage A Home With Babies And Dogs:

Babies along with them bring different smells. You can bring a blanket or a baby outfit that has the scent of the newborn babies. Make your dog smell the scent and become familiar with it as it will make your dog accustomed to the smell. 

Babies And Dogs: Raising Kids With Pets
Babies And Dogs: Raising Kids With Pets

Introduce the baby to the dog. Let him stay on the leash and let him watch the baby. Your dog will be curious and want to smell the newborn baby. Hence, give him a reward for his good behavior. Repeat this many times until the dog is comfortable with the baby and the situation. Allow the dog to come closer to the baby and smell him so that he gets accustomed to the baby. Do not leave both the dog and the baby alone until you are sure that it is safe to leave them alone. Many dogs love babies and have parental nature towards them.

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