Best Friends Pet Care Ideas You Might Want To Know - Best Friends Pet Care Ideas You Might Want To Know -

Best Friends Pet Care Ideas You Might Want To Know

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Each of the Best Friends pet care centers contains a relationship set-up with a highly reputable, local veterinary for emergency care. Within the event of a true emergency, the center brings your pet to the closest prime quality vet that they’ve got a relationship with, otherwise they’ll do their greatest to bring your pet to your own vet on file with them if the matter isn’t urgent. Best Friends pet care is competitively priced as compared to other facilities within the local market. They regularly assess their pricing, and therefore the value they offer to pets and pet parents, to make sure a high level of care and quality may be achieved. They invest in better-trained people, better technology, and a higher quality facility.

Can One Buy Pets From Best Friends Pet Care?

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No, they cannot. Best Friends Pet Care doesn’t buy, breed, or sell dogs or cats. Their business is to provide quality pet take care of dogs and cats and their families. Their services are limited to boarding, grooming, pet daycare, training and, at some locations, veterinary care. They also provide pet care products available. They don’t seem to be affiliated in any way with any business that buys and sells dogs and cats. They have worked very hard to create our reputation and can protect their name and trademark to the total extent of the law.

Do They Have Someone At Their Pet Care Centers 24 hours A day?

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Best Friends Pet Care does not have someone to look after the pets 24 hours a day, however, their centers are monitored with emergency response systems for cooling, smoke, heating, fire, security, etc 24 hours a day. They don’t have staff members on-site overnight, except at our Walter Elias Disney World location. Their team members are on-site in the early morning to feed, walk, check on and do activities with the pets each day, and don’t leave until, in the end, the pets are fed, and unfettered for his or her evening activities. For the dogs to possess a restful, relaxing stay, it’s critical that they’re not disturbed overnight, and also the presence of a staffer keeps the dogs awake and also the dogs feeling more stressed as they’re very sensitive to even the slightest noise.

Best Friends Pet Care Vaccination Policy

Best Friends Pet care has a responsibility to confirm the health and safety of all the animals in their care, so they require that each guest be vaccinated against certain serious, contagious diseases. Dog guests must have current vaccinations for Rabies, DHLPP, and Bordetella; cat guests must be vaccinated against Rabies and FVRCP. They recommend updating your pet’s vaccines every week or two beforehand of your visit to ensure maximum protection for your own pet further as others.


For boarding and Doggy camp, they also require a negative fecal test annually. For Doggy camp, dogs must be spayed or neutered. They take care of your pets like no other kennels. Try them out and you will never regret it and every penny will be worth the care and security they provide.

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