Bloomfield Pet Care: The One Stop Shop For Your Dog

bloomfield pet care

Bloomfield Pet Care is a licensed and bonded non-profit pet care agency. Their caring and compassionate staff have the knowledge, experience, and professionalism to care for your beloved animal while you’re away. Pet Care Team members across Oakland County offer a variety of services from routine dog walking to CPR and First Aid courses. They also offer specialty pet care services for special needs pets like senior or disabled pets. If your pet needs a visit to the veterinarian or just some extra love and attention, contact Bloomfield Pet Care for your next trip.

Bloomfield Pet Care

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Pet care services offered by this pet sitting service include dog walking, grooming, pet sitting, obedience training, and pet sitting. Dog Walking Services includes pet-friendly guided walks in wooded areas and neighborhoods. Pet Sitting Service offers appointments for short periods of time for a relaxing, comfortable to sit in a quiet backyard. Pet sitting can be very relaxing and convenient if your pet is well cared for. You can also enjoy special treats for your friends as a reward for a delightful seat.

If your pet needs a little extra relaxation, Bloomfield pet care pet sitting offers several different options. Pet sitting for Beginners includes calming, soothing, and enjoying the company of one another. Pet sitting for Intermediate is a fun, interesting way to spend a little bit of extra time with your best friend. Masterpet allows their clients to relax while serving as a pet sitter. These experienced professionals agree that it’s important to choose someone who is fun and loving and who genuinely knows how to care for different animals.

Animal Assisted Therapy For Dogs

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Specialty pet care includes animal-assisted therapy for dogs. If your canine companion has been injured or suffering from age-related ailments, Bloomfield pet care can offer treatment. Pet mobility specialists agree that animals like dogs with arthritis or dogs with arthritic conditions should receive special attention. Specialty pet care takes special precautions not to aggravate an injury or illness, so it’s important to pick a practitioner who follows recommended guidelines. The right meds and equipment ensure recovery faster and longer for your pets.

To ensure a happy customer experience, every pet sitter at Bloomfield pet care uses the same methods and techniques no matter what type of pet they are helping. The same rules apply to pet grooming as they do to pet boarding. A customer portal provides all of the information you need to get started, including a list of services offered. You can quickly search for a trained and licensed professional in your area. Once you’ve selected a professional, you can schedule an appointment to see them in person or have a more informal consultation.

Benefits Of Bloomfield Pet Care

When you choose to take advantage of pet sitting, it doesn’t mean you don’t get to enjoy any of the benefits of Bloomfield pet care. Regular pet visits to a pet care clinic help you stay on top of your pet’s needs, allowing you to take care of other obligations as well. Regular checkups allow a trained professional to diagnose any health problems and create a customized plan for dog walking and grooming treatments.

Your pet sitting sessions will include grooming, nail trimming, de-matting, ear cleaning, and general care. Professional pet sitters also provide routine vaccinations and checkups as well. Since they are well trained and responsible, professional pet sitters work well with adult and senior pets. If you want a service that includes more than just taking care of your dog’s needs, Bloomfield is the place to go. Your pet can enjoy a one-on-one grooming session, be bathed in the relaxing spa environment, or play with other dogs in the yard.

Final Words

A personalized plan is designed just for your specific pet based on your information and input. Professional pet sitters agree to meet monthly, quarterly and yearly goals for both your dog and yourself. Payment arrangements are made per month, which is convenient and easy for everyone. With a fully staffed, fully qualified, and professional pet sitting service, you know that your dog will be well cared for when you need him or her.

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