Champion Pet Food – All Things That You Need To Know

Champion Pet Food

In 1979, Reinhard Muhlenfeld started producing dog food in a small feeding mill in the Alberta region of Canada. This food that was made with some second-hand equipment was supplied to the local farming and ranching communities. The brand makes high-protein food for cats and dogs so that they get the maximum nourishment. The food is for all the pet lovers and they can be assured that their fury members will get the best nourishment that they need. The companies source the finest ingredients from places so that the food is high-quality.

There are two brands that come under this company which are: Orijen and Acana. Both the brands are equally good and have the best food options for your pets. There are some things that you need about Champion Pet Food. The Champion Pet Food is the best quality pet food that you will find in the market. If you want some of the best pet food then this is the company that you must look for.

Brands Of Champion Pet Food

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Orijen: This is the premium brand that features the high quality food that cats and dogs are evolved to eat. This brand includes the best quality of animal ingredients and hasn up to 90% freeze-dried food. These brands help the dogs and cats stay healthy and also thrive with the day-to-day supply of high-quality food. You will find the right food for your pets with the help of this brand.

Acana: These are the premium foods that are made with the best quality food that are sourced from ranchers, farmers, and fishers that the company knows and trusts. With options that cater to every stage of life from puppy to seniors, there is a recipe that you can try.

Nutritional Policy Of The Company

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Biologically Appropriate: The food that is made according to what nature and evolution wanted the dogs and cats to eat. This means that the pet needs high-protein food from real animal ingredients with the lesser amount of carbohydrates.

Fresh Ingredients: The ingredients are sourced from some of the best places so that the quality remains proper. The ingredients are fresh and regional and are according to the requirements of the dogs and cats.

Never Outsourced: This means that they make the food themselves in their state-of-art kitchens and they never outsource their food. They do not make food for any other companies except themselves which helps them maintain the quality of food.

Benefits Of The Food

Orijen includes real meat that your pets will love. The diet is biologically governed which means that it is the food that your pets were evolved to eat. This diet is protein rich so that your pet has the energy that helps the pet thrive in any environment.

Acana is the excellent source of all the nutrients that your opet requires in everyday life. It has recipes for every stage of life of the pert and is perfect for all the pet lovers out there. It is very nourishing and your pet will love the taste of this food.


Champion pet food is the best pet food company that helps your pets get the nourishment that they need. It is the ebay way to give your pets all the nutrients they require to survive and thrive. You can buy these foods from any place that sells dog food and you will not be disappointed with the quality.

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