Different Ways To Remove Stains On Carpet

Remove Stains

The best way to remove stains and urine odor from your carpet is by using commercial products that specifically designed to destroy and bind with the offending bacteria. These products must have the right combination of chemicals and enzymes to kill the bacteria, dissolve the urate crystals, and at the same time effectively remove the bacteria surrounding your urine that causes the unpleasant odor. There are a variety of commercial products that are formulated to meet your specific cleaning needs. They all utilize different types of enzymes or protein peptides to effectively do this.

Some of the best products are products containing natural enzymes or protein peptides like those produced by Enzyme Based Cleaners. These products contain an assortment of plant-based proteins or peptides that are derived from plant sources such as soy, rice bran, aloe vera, and garlic.

Remove Stains On Carpet
Remove Stains On Carpet

Types Of Commercial Products

It is important to note that these types of commercial products do not remove the stain from your carpet in one fell swoop. The chemical combinations included are required to treat the entire carpet and not just the area you are targeting for cleaning.

When you are searching for a commercial product to use on your carpets, you will want to search for one that contains enzymes. The enzymes will help to break down the deposits that are causing the stain to appear. This will allow you to effectively clean the carpet without having to scrub it at all. In addition to breaking down the deposits, the enzymes will also be able to help to break down the microorganisms that could be breeding around the urine that is causing the odor.

Variety Of Proteins

You will find that a product contains a variety of proteins or peptides that will help to break down the deposits that are causing the stain. In most cases, the product contains only one or two ingredients that will effectively do this. The most popular ones available on the market are made with a mixture of egg white, a variety of enzymes, and some form of calcium or sodium bicarbonate.

The egg white or liquid egg white may contain lactic acid or hydrogen peroxide that will help to break down the deposits. The hydrogen peroxide or other forms of acid will help to neutralize the smell and kill the odor causing bacteria.

The Bicarbonate

The bicarbonate will help to dissolve the deposits so that they can easily be removed. through proper rinsing of the carpet with a product that contains water. The pH level is maintained in the water and this will prevent any further staining of the carpet.

Another enzyme based cleaner that is available is known as Naturlite. It contains enzymes that are used to treat the areas of the carpet that have a coloration problem such as spots, stains, and other discoloration problems.

Dirtiest Type Of Stains

The dirtiest type of stains on a carpet can be caused by food particles that get stuck on the fibers of the carpet. If left on the carpet, they can become lodged and make the carpet more dirty and stained. For a Naturlite cleaner to work well, you will want to use a product that contains the proper detergent.

Detergents such as Kona are effective because they can dissolve the dirt quickly and effectively without harming the carpet. Even more effective is the ability to neutralize the odor and keep the carpet from smelling. ever getting smelly again.

Naturlite Cleaners

Naturlite cleaners are effective at removing the stains and discoloration that are caused by foods, grease, oils, and other forms of spills. It is important to use a good cleaning product that will get rid of the food particles before they begin to stain the carpet.

Remove Stains Tips
Remove Stains Tips

Most Naturlite cleaning products are designed to be used as spot removers. Therefore, it is a good idea to apply them after vacuuming the carpet.

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