Everything That You Need To Know On Hills Pet Food

hills pet food

Hills Pet Food officially known as Hill’s Pet Nutrition Inc is a renowned American pet brand that has been providing healthy foods for your pet since 1907. It is a 113-year-old brand that proved nutritious for you both dog and cat. Further, this brand is a subsidiary of Colgate and Palmolive initiative as well. The brand came into the market in the spring by the hands of Burton Hill and was operated as Hill Rendering Works back then. Here in this blog, you will get everything in brief on Hills Pet Food. Therefore without any further ado, let’s begin-

Hills Pet Food And Its Science  Diet

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Well, the concept of a scientific diet came into existence by 1960. Mark L. Morris Jr is the one who needs to be acclaimed. Being a son of a veterinarian he had the skill in creating something effective for the pets. Morris and his father first worked on a female German Shepherd who was suffering from kidney disease. 

The success of the case brought them to put a little bit of effort in altercations to condition-specific along with life stage pet foods which were under the Prescription Diet along with Science Diet names. Now talking about the Prescription Diet which specifically formulated cat and dogs food who suffered from health issues. 

Hills Pet Food And Their Recalls

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Well, though an old brand, there had been many disputes too. Specifically talking about the one Prescription Diet there had been a case in 2007 where recalls were claimed. This same situation was followed by the Science Diet brand. Around 5 products from Science Diet were recalled in the same year with the same problem which states that the product had melamine-tainted wheat gluten.

Then on the 31st January’19, another 25 canned dog foods were recalled. The reason was the elevation in the Vitamin D. Though it was the supplier’s error, however, the products were recalled. With excess vitamin D in dog food, there is a high chance of crucial kidney disease which ultimately can lead to death. The case was a major one that involved the United States District Court for The Northern District of California.

Hills Pet And More In This Concerns

Though faced with many adversities in the path of success, this brand has a solid name in distributing the healthiest pet supplements. As already mentioned in the earlier parts of the article, several types of research took place before actually coming out with the brand. Hence trusting what is there in the market for around 113 years is something profound for sure. Also, the brand provides food for both cats and dogs of different age groups and sizes. In addition. The brand also formulated food for pets with special care which is substantially great, right?


Well, this is it, this article covers everything which one needs to know before actually going for Hills Pet Food. Every coin has two sides. Looking at the faults of the brand might make you think twice. However, the formulation has proven advantageous for such a long period, that every vet recommends this food choice every time. Hence if you are someone who is thinking of Hills Pet Food, well this is for you.

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