Five Essential Nutrients Of Darwins Pet Food

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Darwins pet food is raw, meaty, and controversial. It is one of those companies that sells fresh and frozen raw food for pets. This company also ships the product straight to your door. Darwins pet food is not only uncooked, but it is also pasteurized, frozen or dried, and dehydrated. Their food is minimally processed and fully raw. The quality you will get in Darwins pet food is unbeatable. Let us know more about it. 


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When we are talking about Darwins pet food, we must mention chicken because it comes first in this raw food. This item comes with a mix of muscle meat, bones, and organs. All these ingredients make up the bulk of the recipe. It includes trace minerals and tomato pomace as well. Chicken is considered to be the primary protein source in Darwins pet food. This food provides the pets micronutrients as well as macronutrients. It has multiple sources of omega fatty acids. 


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Lamb is considered to be another source of protein in the Darwins pet food. If you are looking for an alternative to proteins like chicken or fish, you can choose lamb. It is the primary ingredient. The muscle meat, heart, and liver of the lamb are the major ingredients. All these three ingredients constitute 98% of the total recipe. It does not contain any ground bones and is fortified with synthetic minerals. 

3.Raw Meat

This Darwins pet food is specially planned for dogs to give them complete and balanced nutrition. This recipe is made with 75% of real meat and 25% of vegetables. All the ingredients used in this recipe are fresh. It requires certain food handling procedures for maintaining safety. This product is quite expensive if you have larger dogs, but it is unbeatable to give your pets proper nutrition. 


Turkey is another important Darwins pet food that is basically lean meat. This food is a major source of vitamins as well as minerals. These nutrients help your pet’s body to regulate blood pressure and boost the immune system. It also boosts the healing process. Turkey meat is one of the main sources of essential amino acids in a protein. It is good for the health of your pets as it lacks saturated fat and cholesterol, unlike chicken or beef. 


Beef is a major source of protein for dogs that contains each and every essential amino acid. This Darwins pet food contains so many necessary nutrients like Zinc and Iron that it helps your dog maintain its stamina. This food also keeps its heart-healthy. It includes manganese, selenium, potassium, and many other minerals. 

Bottom Lines 

If you are already convinced with this article, you must give your pets these essential nutrients Darwins pet food contains. Let your pet have a healthy life.

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