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tlc pet food

If you are considering changing your pet’s diet to this brand, you have to learn more about the ingredients that make up the food. Even though it is known as a premium brand, not everyone in the industry considers it to be so. Take a look at the facts below and you will see why it is being called the TLC pet food of choice.

Many Varieties

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The fact that it is manufactured under the label “human grade” is what sets it apart from the competition. Almost all other pet foods use by-products, corn meal, and other fillers as their primary ingredients. TLC avoids these types of additives because they are not healthy or safe for animals. In addition to using high-grade grains, vegetables, and meat sources, it also uses a secondary ingredient base consisting of potatoes, which is not allowed in most animal diets. As an ingredient, it has a significantly lower level of fat and sodium than other brands.

Very Nutritive

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One of the key things people like about TLC pet foods is the inclusion of vital nutrients such as Vitamin A and E. It lists them among its primary ingredients along with fish oil, carrots, and celery. All of these ingredients are naturally healthy, but many people do not get enough of them in their diets, especially Vitamin A, which helps with vision. This is why a supplement such as this one could be a great idea for pets. It does not contain any artificial coloring or flavors, which can be problematic for people with allergies.

Good For Dogs

Many people also don’t think that there is a difference between pet foods like this and human-grade dog food. But even dog food can be high in carbohydrates, especially when it is not quality grade. If you have ever bought and tried a low-quality brand of dog food, you will notice that they are loaded with sugars and simple carbohydrates. Since dogs cannot process carbohydrates, they become obese and prone to developing a variety of diseases, including diabetes.


TLC pet food for puppies contains no wheat, corn, or soy – three common allergens that can make a dog sick if they are exposed to them. Another interesting fact about this brand of dog food is that it contains no corn or wheat gluten at all. What it does have are ingredients that are similar to rice. This is because it uses similar protein sources that help increase the protein content. In addition, it has several herbs and spices that help to add flavor. These include cinnamon and Cayenne.

High Quality

The reason why TLC uses chicken and beef fat as ingredients is because they are the highest quality for these ingredients. This is important, because these animal fats are the best source of omega fatty acids. According to the company, these fatty acids are beneficial bacteria that help maintain the appropriate balance of pH levels in your puppy’s intestines. As the levels of beneficial bacteria rise, your puppy’s intestinal flora will improve, which means that intestinal blockages will become less of a problem and at least some of the symptoms of canine diarrhea or indigestion will be reduced.


TLC also makes use of several high quality meat-based protein sources. Among these are lamb and chicken meal. You should not be alarmed if you find that the list of ingredients on the back of the bag doesn’t mention any of these ingredients. It is likely that they have been included by accident and were not evaluated by the FDA.

TLC’s other pet foods have had only minor changes from the ones they used in the past. For example, unlike most companies who have switched to using corn or wheat as primary ingredients, TLC still lists all natural wholesome ingredients such as meat, vegetables, fruits and an adequate amount of protein. They do not use byproducts and HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup). It is also important to note that TLC uses an adequate amount of sodium, potassium and chloride in their products.

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