How to Use Pet Training Pad For Housetraining Routine?

Pet Training Pad

For the housetraining process to go smoothly, you need a Pet Training Pad or some housetraining tools for your pet. You may find it overwhelming initially, but if you follow best practices of training, your pet will remarkably show certain changes that will amaze you completely.

Taking your dog outside for potty training is such an ideal practice that most of the owners follow. However, for adult owners who cannot go out regularly with their pets to train them,  those who do not have an open yard in their house, or who don’t want their pets to be exposed out more, Pet training pad is a perfect choice for their puppies.

If you want to train your puppy with these pads, read on the following tips on how to train for housetraining routine:

Choosing a Training Pad

Choosing a Pet Training Pad
Choosing a Pet Training Pad

Understand that we have to train the pet to do their regular routine in a provided space and not to go beyond it. Ensure that the pad you provide must be large enough for it to do the activities directed to them. Also, the pads must be absorbent and easy to clean.

Training Pads are easier to clean and better absorbent than other options like paper towels, newspapers, cotton cloth, etc. Along with this, these pads are less liable to create any sort of infection. The ease of disposal and size of these pads make it accessible and hence are the most popular options amongst all others.

Introduction to the Pads

Let your pet know that they are supposed to do their daily activities on the pad. Make them familiar with it by allowing them to sniff it. Let it play with it at odd times and be comfortable. And then as it is comfortable with the pad, train them to follow the command during the potty time or during urinating.

Make predictions about their Potty Time

Being an owner, you must know the potty time of your pet. But, if you are a new owner, you must keep an eye on their potty time, and once you know that, at that specific time, you must ask your pet to follow the rules of sitting on the training pad for these activities.

Praise Them

Appreciate your pet when it follows your command or when it goes on the pad at potty time. Appreciation inspires them to follow your commands at the right time and in the right place.

Maintain Regularity

You must keep on training them regularly. They must understand the importance of the pad and the time on which housetraining activities are to be followed.

Teaching Use of Pet Training Pad
Teaching Use of Pet Training Pad

For this, you will have to select a specific place where your pet can execute these activities. If you keep on changing the Pet Training Pad place, they may get confused about the purpose of the pad. Once your pet understands the pad’s purpose, it will never disobey your command and follow it till the end.

Let Your Puppy Know The Correct Use Of Pad

Your pet may pull the pad, chew it, play, eat food on it, or destroy it in some or other way if he is not trained to be called it as a ‘potty pad’. Make your pet understand the use of the pad in a proper way.

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