Insurance For Dog Walkers And Pet Sitters - Insurance For Dog Walkers And Pet Sitters -

Insurance For Dog Walkers And Pet Sitters

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Pet sitting Insurance offers you coverage that is tailored to your specific needs, starting at $ 139/yr. This comprehensive coverage includes benefits like accidental death benefits, payout for lost income from a pet that dies, medical expenses from an accident to well as coverage for prescription drugs, x-rays, prescription medications and even pet foods. All the benefits are well suited to pet care and grooming costs.

Pet Care Insurance For Pet Sitters Varies Widely

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The cost of pet care insurance for pet sitters varies widely, depending on the specific coverage options chosen. There are some providers that offer cheap or low cost coverage, claiming that it is provided in ‘limited circumstances’. Such claims may be made because the policies are aimed at new pet owners. However, such providers are often out of reach for existing pet care insurance customers. In such cases, the internet can prove to be a very effective alternative.

Online comparison websites provide a very convenient means of finding the best coverage. The companies’ databases enable you to access the most complete information about different pet care insurance policies. Most sites provide quotes on a particular level of coverage, allowing you to compare between them side by side. Online comparison sites also help you in deciding the best level of coverage that meets all your needs. With such easy access to information, you can now make informed choices about your pet sitting insurance policy without any difficulty.

Pet Insurance Policies For Dog Walking Businesses

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Liability Coverage. If you operate a dog walking business, it is imperative for you to have liability coverage. Liability coverage helps you shoulder the costs, in case someone becomes injured while on your property. There are various types of liability coverage for dog walking businesses. The most common one is Personal Injury Coverage or PIP, which covers medical expenses and other benefits that are obtained after an accident.

Pet Care Insurance For Dog Walkers Helps Protect the Animal Bailey: One of the most important factors about operating a pet care insurance business is the responsibility to care for the animals. You must make sure that they remain healthy and safe. Therefore, most dog walkers helps protect the animal bailee by providing them with different types of coverage.

Pet Care Insurance For Pet Sitting Customers

As a pet sitter or breeder, you must ensure that you are adequately covered. Some pet care insurance provides coverage only during specific events such as shows or petting sessions. Other coverage provides coverage when the animals are lost. So, if you have hired a pet sitter to come and sit with the customers, you must make sure that they have some kind of liability coverage in place.


Pet Care Insurance For Professional Liability Insurance: Professional liability is a different situation than regular health or liability coverage. This type of policy has a number of coverage exclusion rules. In general, professional liability coverage will pay out if an accident occurs while the person who owns the premises is negligent, even if it was hired by a client. The typical limits per occurrence are very large, so it is very important to understand how much the insurer will pay out. You also have to make sure that the person who is sued has enough coverage to pay off the claim.

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