Leash K9 Training For Your New Puppy

off leash k9 training

The founder, Nick White, jumped at the chance of building his dog obedience school, after years of service in the Marines and worked with the Secret Service including Presidents detail, after finding out that the President of the United States had a small dog that really worked with his administration.

So Mr. White went to work designing his very first class course, “Off Leash K9 Training for All”, which proved so popular that it was then released as an audio CD. He wanted to take this very simple, basic and easy to understand program and make it as accessible and fun as possible to the public. So he reached out to some of the top dog trainers in the country, to create this first course. The results were immediate, the popularity has continued to grow and so has the school.

Benefits of the course:

K9 Training

The course is now used by over 80,000 off-leash dog trainers all over the world. Nick has also transformed this same basic training into a very detailed and rigorous program. He has spent many hours creating different programs using his proven techniques and methods to teach people how to train their canine companions in over 70 exercises and routines. Nick has improved these exercises so that today they are more advanced and can be used by the owners of any size dog. The first programs of off-leash k9 training of the Secret Service, United States Marine Corps, and the US Coast Guard were very basic and had very little content.

Today the United States Secret Service uses these advanced off leash k9 training programs as well as other services to train their Pups according to their individual needs. In fact you can become a trainer for this prestigious service and use the same techniques as the Secret Service. The United States Marine Corps and the US Coast Guard do not accept the basic leashes and ropes from the Secret Service but you can train your own Pups using their very own advanced leash k9 training. These services want to ensure that their Pups are safe, they will take any safety risk that is posed by allowing the dog to loose without supervision. They will rely on you and the trainer to give the correct protective security and protection needed by their members.

Most obedience instructors will tell you that you must be patient when working with your puppy or dog to get its best results. The same must be said for the leash k9 training programs of these highest-rated dog training companies. Working with these trained dogs is not easy and you will have to work with your dog for quite a long time if you want to see the best results. This is not something you can accomplish in a matter of days but over the course of many months or even years you will learn the necessary skills and learn to become an effective obedience instructor.

If you are considering a professional leash k9 training program there are a number of resources you can check out to find out about the qualifications of the dog trainers. Many of the obedience instructors today are members of obedience organizations such as the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT), The International Society of Pet Dog Trainers (ISPDT) or the National Certifying Board for Dog Obedience (NCBT). All of these organizations have strict requirements for their member trainers. They also conduct background checks to ensure that the dog trainers are qualified to teach off leash k9 training.

There are also many private organizations that offer several services to those looking to get an obedience class for their dog. One of the most well known organizations that offers several programs is the Therapy Dog International (TDI). TDI offers several types of classes including obedience classes, therapy dog programs, group classes and private lessons. The Therapy Dog International offers several different services including pet counseling, educational courses, and pet fitness programs. They also offer several different levels of training including puppy kindergarten classes and high level classes for those who already own dogs.

Award winning moments: 

K9 Training

These organizations have helped many aspiring dog owners earn a certificate in obedience and have received many awards for their valuable services. By taking advantage of the valuable services of these organizations you can train your pups without having to spend thousands of dollars. By using the information gained in obedience classes you can set up home visits to give your pooch more familiar interaction with you and other family members. Your pup will be able to socialize with other dogs, other people, other dogs and other things which could cause him or her to misbehave. Obedience classes are the perfect way to get started in leash k9 training for your new dog.

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