Pet Corrector: Know More About Its Uses

Pet Corrector

A pet corrector is one that gives out a hiss of compressed gas and “white noise“ which in turn produces a broad range of sound which varies from low-frequency rumble to a high-frequency hiss. It interferes with the unwanted behavior of your dog. The whole effect is to get the attention of the dog. As the dogs show a range of reactions according to their hearing sensitivity. Almost all the dogs react to the pet corrector since the sound of this device is programmed in such a way that it is associated with danger. Use this pet corrector wisely on your pet. 

Does The Pet Corrector Works On All Pets:

With the help of pet corrector and positive training methods, both the dogs and cats can be trained to change their behavior. This spray can be used even on Horses. It is better to introduce the pet corrector into the training of the pets that are afraid and anxious. 

How To Use This:

Pet Corrector: Know More About Its Uses
Pet Corrector: Know More About Its Uses

You need to keep in mind that the pet corrector is not the only solution to the pet’s bad behavior. Use this with the rewards-based training. Using only the pet corrector will not help to change the animal’s behavior. You can spray this near to the pet’s face but not very close. And use the spray only when they are engaged in bad behavior. Spray this away from their face and not directly on their faces and also don’t spray it towards your face. 

Is you are spraying this after the bad behavior is over then your pet will not learn. Since it does not know why it happened. Instead, they will be afraid of you instead of linking it with the behavior that you are trying to stop. Give a treat to your dog after he has stopped the bad behavior. It is better if you handle one bad behavior at a time, even if your pet is showing multiple bad behaviors. Removing the bad behavior and giving this as a part of their training is more successful than using it for each and every bad behavior. 

Some Of The Do’s And Don’ts To Use The Pet Corrector:


Before putting on this spray first test your dog’s sensitivity. Test it at a distance of 1 meter when your dog is showing bad behavior. 

Keep the can behind you away from your dog.

Use this only when your pet is showing excessive bad behavior as this is not any kind of substitute for poor training. 

Use this spray while your pet is engaged in bad behavior and not after he has finished it. Also, reward your pet when he has stopped the bad behavior while he is doing a positive behavior. 

Pet Corrector: Know More About Its Uses
Pet Corrector: Know More About Its Uses


Do not let your children play with this spray.

First, read the instructions given on the label of the spray and then only use it. 

Do not use this spray on the puppies. Instead, seek positive training to solve the puppy training issues.

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