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When you have a pet dog at home, there is no doubt that you will need to stock up on pet food for them at certain times of the day. Your pet’s meals will consist of vital nutrients that will be crucial to its health. Yet feeding your pet the wrong kind of food can be detrimental to its health, as it has to consume a diverse diet of different foods in order to remain healthy. This is where these handy storage options come into play. With these innovative new storage options designed specifically to make pet food last, keep your pet food fresher for longer.

An Overview

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The moment you open up your pup’s bag of canned food, the clock begins ticking. Exposure to light, air, heat and moisture all contributes to the deteriorating condition of dog kibble. The effects of air pollution particularly contribute to this problem, as this kind of air contains a lot of dust, mold and pollen. In order to maintain the freshness of your dog’s food, you have to change it frequently. However, if you leave it inside every single day, then it will begin to rot, thus rendering it less appetizing and even more harmful to your pet’s health.

The solution to this predicament is to purchase stainless steel kibble storage containers. These pet food storage containers are made from stainless steel so that it does not rust or deteriorate. Since it is made from stainless steel, it will be able to resist light and heat, which are some of the most common causes of pet food spoilage. And since these stainless steel kibble storage containers are also shatterproof, you can be sure that it won’t leak out its contents onto your carpet or tiles.

Different Types Of Cleaners

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There are two kinds of pet bowl cleaners that you can use to keep the bowls clean. One is the moist vacuum cleaner that has a wet/dry switch. This kind of vacuum cleaner has a hose attached to it and is used to blow soapy water into the bowls. This is an excellent way of keeping the bowls spick and span at all times. Aside from the soapy water, regular, moist vacuum cleaning will also remove any traces of dirt or dust that have remained after each feeding.

Another kind of cleaner is the canned food vacuum cleaner. This is a better option than the dry type because it has a wet/dry switch. This switch is located on the can itself so you would never accidentally switch to dry. This type of cleaner is usually made from plastic, metal or ceramic and comes in various sizes. You should note that this type of pet product storage will only work on canned food. So the first thing you need to do is to get rid of all canned food from your pet’s diet.

Preventive Measures

To keep kibble fresh and pest free, you should always make sure to store it in a food storage container that is airtight and leak proof. You can always purchase them from pet stores that offer dog supplies. Make sure to wash these storage containers regularly. Also it is a good idea to get a kibble dispenser since this will help reduce the amount of clutter in the house.

When storing dry food for your pets, you should place it in the freezer before you put it in the storage container. By doing this, the nutrients will be locked in the food and the vitamins and minerals will be preserved. Before you put the bagged food in the vacuum cleaner, spray them with the air hose to let them settle. By doing this, you will be assured that there will be no mistaking which bag is for the pet food.


Another pro is the pros of airtight seals and snap-lock latches. These two features prevent pests from getting into the pet food and robbing your pets. And just in case you have fleas on your pet, they will not get into the canned foods either. This will allow you to save more money from the vet bills.

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