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pet health clinic nampa

Pets are the most precious creation to every owner. And to take adequate care of them is the only correct way to return the love and affection they provide. Pet Health Clinic Nampa is one such place in Idaho. It is a full-time veterinary hospital that promises to deliver only the best to your beloved pet. With trained professionals and latest technologies, Pet Health Clinic Nampa is a trusted hospital by many dog and cat owners. Well-known for its courteous and intelligent staff Pet Health Clinic Nampa takes every step to ensure your pet feels comfortable and safe.

Services Provided at Pet Health Clinic Nampa

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The clinic has a talented and knowledgeable medical staff that attends to each pet with equal love and guidance. Pet Health Clinic Nampa specializes in medical, surgical and dental departments. The clinic is open to queries regarding any issues your pet might be dealing with, without any hesitation. Services provided by Pet Health Clinic Nampa are listed below:

Wellness and Preventive Care – The experts at Pet Health Clinic Nampa believe that prevention is necessary to avoid unforeseen circumstances. For this, the clinic conducts annual complete body health checkups for your pet. They also specialize in vaccines like DAPP, Rabies, Canine Influenza, Leptospirosis and Bordetella. Annual blood work and regular heartworm testing are services the clinic provides.

Surgery – Surgeons at Pet Health Clinic Nampa have years of ongoing practice in their field. From soft tissue to orthopedic surgeries, the team promises to deliver the best. The clinic is well-equipped with the current technologies in the field of medicine and is open to discuss the correct option for your pet.

Dental – Pet Health Clinic Nampa has an excellent dental team that care for your pet’s overall dental health. They offer regular checkups, tooth extractions, cleaning and even at-home dental care tips.

Along with these services, Pet Health Clinic Nampa provides diagnostics for your pets and offer senior pet care too. The compassionate staff provides support to the owners if a difficult decision regarding the pet’s life has to be made and offer cremation services.

Online Pharmacy Initiative

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During Covid19 it can get difficult to go out frequently in search of medicines and food for pets. Pet Health Clinic Nampa never fails to deliver their 100 per cent to every patient and tackle every issue their customers might face, well in advance. To provide utmost care and ease, the clinic has an online pharmacy website in collaboration with VetSource. They sell a wide range to top quality products varying from medicines, foods and even treats for your dogs and cats.

Reach Out to Pet Health Clinic Nampa

The clinic is currently not accepting any new appointments due to Covid19 surge. However, it is expected that they will soon open up for all patients. For updates, one can visit them on their official website named, or email them on the address mentioned on their website.


Pet Health Clinic Nampa is the ideal stop for all pet owners looking for trustworthy hands for their special little friends. Regular patients have positive reviews about the staff and medical team that are sure to leave a smile on your faces.

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