Positive Pet Training For Your Dog

Positive Pet Training

It is true! Positive Pet Training is the way to go! Dogs that don’t get regular pet training can develop behavioral problems which eventually result in their being taken to a homeless shelter and euthanized; well trained dogs are usually very easy to re-home and have a great relationship with their owners.

Positive pet training has been around for decades and is now available on DVD. It can be helpful for those who have an older dog or a puppy, as it will help to teach your pet some things that he or she won’t know. Dogs who get no form of training will grow up to be disobedient, aggressive or even aggressive toward other dogs and their owners.

If you want to adopt a puppy or a new dog and you are concerned that the new pet might not be well behaved then you need to look into pet training and see what kind of pet training it is. There are several different types of training. You can find Some of them on the Internet or you can find books on pet training to help train your pet.

Some Things To Know

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If you like dogs that will bark at all kinds of noises then a barking collar would be for you. This type of collar keeps the dogs barking when they hear the door bell ringing, when you go in or any other kind of noise.

You can teach your dog to sit with the clicker, as well as the treat, the clicker with the clicker. A dog that sits quietly gets a treat and if he goes out and starts barking, then the treats are gone. The trainer tells your dog where the treats are, and when he comes back, he finds out that there are still some treats left. You can also teach your dog to sit when you go in and out of his room, and then when he comes back he knows that there is still a treat there waiting for him.

Positive pet training will also include other tricks like fetching and teaching your dog to sit, down, heel and stay. These are all skills that the dog can use to fetch a tennis ball, run through a maze and come up with the ball, play fetch, and many other great tricks.

Some Common Positive Problems

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Negative pet training is more of a control method that is not so positive in nature. It means that you have to be in control of the pet and if you let the pet know what you want, you can be in control of how they behave. When they misbehave or if they misbehave you need to give them a negative response to stop them from doing that behavior.

With negative pet training you can give your pet a hard time by scolding them, hitting them, yelling or other bad behavior. You need to find a good balance between giving your dog positive and negative behavior in order to teach your pet to be obedient. You can teach your dog basic obedience commands like sit, stay, come and heel.

The most common problems with positive dog training is that it can take a very long time to train a dog. Because you are using positive reinforcement you don’t want to give your dog too many things like treats or even a treat and wait until the dog knows what you want. If you find the right way to do it then you can get results quickly.

The first thing to remember is that in any dog training program you should always start off with the basics first. Be patient and do not give your dog a lot of praise and attention, as this can be overwhelming for the dog. When you reward the dog, make sure that you tell them to perform something right first before giving them a treat or reward.

Bottom Line

Positive dog training works and it works for every breed of dog because it is a great way to teach your dog. You will be rewarded with not only a dog that is obedient, but a dog that will never be aggressive or destructive again.

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