Provide The Best Care For Your Pets With Thrive Pet Care - Provide The Best Care For Your Pets With Thrive Pet Care -

Provide The Best Care For Your Pets With Thrive Pet Care

thrive pet care

Thrive Pet Care Services, also known as Thrive Animal Hospital, was born out of need. In 2021, after the owners of an animal rescue organization decided to make a no kill shelter in their facility, the numbers of homeless animals skyrocketed. In two months, the number of adoptable pets had increased exponentially, and the demand for adoption was very high.

With a low overhead and a dedicated staff, they were able to rescue, rehabilitate, feed and offer loving, nurturing care to animals that would otherwise be put to death in animal shelters across the country. One of their core principles is to partner with communities to minimize the high cost of sheltering pets. This is accomplished by connecting pet owners with local veterinarians who are willing to work in partnership with them for a minimal monthly fee.

The Veterinarians Work

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The veterinarians work one on one with the pet owners and their pets, checking them over for diseases, allergies and other health concerns. Once they are found, they are treated. Many times, the animals are so sick that they have to be put into the humane setting of a shelter. The services that Thrive Pet Care provides to pets in their humane shelter is similar to those offered in a veterinary school.

They strive to provide the highest quality of care to animals. One of the things that they emphasize in the animals’ care is spaying and neutering, which significantly reduces the chances of an animal breeding its biological mother. Another important part of their service is microchipping, which is a fast and effective way to microchip the pets’ fur to make identification easier later.

Ensuring About Immune System

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They also microchip dogs and cats to ensure their immune systems are up to par. By using approved procedures and products, they protect your pet from life-threatening diseases and provide it with a safe and healthy environment.

The animals are also observed for mites and ticks. Mites and ticks can transmit serious diseases to your pet and humans, so they can be dangerous. By keeping an eye on your pets and yourself, you can reduce the risk of exposing your family or friends to these parasites.


Many people are surprised to learn that Thrive Pet Care does not use any harsh chemicals on animals. Many conventional pet foods contain harmful ingredients that can harm animals. Since Thrive only uses natural ingredients, your pets will not develop any ill effects from using this type of food. It is also much cheaper than conventional pet foods, so your pet’s health will be better cared for.

Your pets will also receive regular medical care from their vet. Some conventional pet foods may seem appealing, but when they come down to it, they are full of chemicals and other artificial ingredients that your pet will not be able to really relate to. Pets have very complicated appetites and they are used to a certain diet.

When you feed them something unnatural, it can create digestive issues that will not help their health or cause any long-term illnesses. Since this type of pet care is provided by Thrive Pet Care, your pets will get regular check-ups, vaccinations, dewormings and other care from their veterinarians.


Most of the animals at Thrive Pet Care are healthy animals. They do not have any genetic disorders and they do not suffer from disease. They are free from fleas and ticks, and their problems are not caused by bad breeding practices or by biting or chewing their owners. In fact, most of the animals at Thrive Pet Care pass their vet checks with flying colors. This is why thousands of people are now taking advantage of the services offered by Thrive in providing care and affection to their beloved pets.

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