Stop Dog Barking And Get A Good Night Sleep -

Stop Dog Barking And Get A Good Night Sleep

Stop Dog Barking And Get A Good Night Sleep

Stop dog barking is quite difficult, isn’t it? One of the main problems that people face especially at night is the dog’s barking. Because of it, they often are not able to sleep properly. But the techniques involved to stop the dog barking is something which not many are aware of. There can be some reasons behind their barking and it is better to get to know them at the earliest and address them. It is important to keep in kind that it is the dog’s nature to bark. Like humans use words to describe their feelings, animals use sounds to tell us about their feelings as they cannot speak. 

Know The Reasons Behind Your Dog’s Barking:

To get rid of your dog’s excessive barking it is best to know the reason behind his barking.

The barking could be genetic. There are some breeds of the dogs that are prone to barking like the terries breed. However, most of the breeds are prone to excessive barking. 

Stop Dog Barking And Get A Good Night Sleep
Stop Dog Barking And Get A Good Night Sleep

There could be a physical need of the dog which is making him bark so much. It could be that your dog is feeling hot, cold, hungry or thirsty. By barking your dog is trying to convey to you to accommodate his needs. Another reason for your dog’s excessive barking is due to insufficient exercise. Their pent-up energy is released through barking. 

There could be an emotional need of the dog. Maybe your dog is bored, excited or is anxious. Barking could be one of his ways to seek attention. Or it can be that he is frustrated. 

Even the environment in which your dog stays can compel him to bark all the more. Maybe he is locked in a pen for a long time, or there is no shelter for him. Also apart from these things, there could be another reason as well behind his excessive barking. It can be due to the barking of other dogs, or the sirens, storms, etc.

Solutions To Stop The Dog Barking:

Once you the reason behind your dog’s barking it will be easier for you to get the solution and stop their barking. 

Social: dogs are social animals and this is the reason why we love them so much. Interaction is very important not only for humans but also for animals. Let your dog interact with other dogs, the other members of the family. Take your dog to a nearby park or to a dog park if it is near to your place. In the park your dog will meet other dogs, he will learn something from his new friends. 

Stop Dog Barking And Get A Good Night Sleep
Stop Dog Barking And Get A Good Night Sleep

Exercise: Take your dog for a walk or a jog and play fetch with him. You need to make him exercise every day. Exercising makes your dog happy and quiet. 

After your dog has finished playing and doing other business, let your dog come inside the house. Don’t leave your dog outside at night. If you leave your dog outside, he will bark all the more due to fear, loneliness, and anger. So if you want your good night’s sleep, better keep your dog inside the house where he feels safe and sleeps soundly. 

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