Take Care Of Pet Food Exposed In Your House

pet food exposed

There are a number of pet food recalls in the news today. But I think that you should take a moment to consider just how many pet food ingredients that we put in our dogs and cats to feed each day. The truth is that if we only knew how much of these products we were putting in, there wouldn’t be so many recalls. So here are 4 myths busted when it comes to your pet’s health.

Many people believe that pet foods have to have some specific animal fats in them in order for them to be good for your pets. However, that is simply not true. You can purchase quality pet foods that do not have any animal fats in them at all. These types of pet foods are usually called “raw diets” or “natural diets”.

Myths Related To Pet Food

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Another myth is that some pet food ingredients can cause cancer. While it is true that some ingredients can, it is also true that most ingredients are safe for your pets. There are even some “natural” cancer fighting ingredients that you can find. By-products from meat and dairy are one such by-product.

Another myth is that by-products and chemicals in pet foods make them more likely to develop diabetes or get cancer. While there is a connection between diabetes and some types of cancer, the diabetes medication that is prescribed for dogs and cats has nothing to do with the development of pet food. The chemicals that are in canned foods, like BHA and BHT (butylated hydrocarbons), are not connected to diabetes or cancer in any way either. They actually serve as a helpful preservative in some canned foods that you might want to consider buying.

Another common myth is that if your dog or cat gets sick, you can simply pour some pet food into his or her food dish. You won’t see any harm coming to your pet. It won’t taste any different, either. However, if you put pet food in a leaky bottle or feed your animal canned food that is not fresh, there will be serious consequences. The by-products that are found in canned foods leach onto the food, making its way into your pet’s system. If you suspect that you have fed your pet canned food that is not fresh, you can easily throw it out and replace it with new fresh pet food.

The Truth Behind These Myths

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Most of the other pet food myths talk about how it makes your dog or cat sick over time. It makes them grow less quickly and get weaker. It can make them get sicker. It will make them have hair loss or weaker teeth. Pet food is just not healthy for your pet. There are chemicals and by-products that can really harm your dog or cat over time if you’re not careful.

If you’re concerned about pet food exposed in your house, there are some simple steps that you can take to make sure that it’s safe. First of all, you can buy a vacuum sealer to keep food from getting spilled out. You can also buy plastic containers to put your food in, so that you know where everything is at all times. Another great idea is to use pet food holders so that you don’t have to be holding bowls of pet food all the time. And another great idea is to regularly empty out your pet food dish so that it is always clean.

Final Words

When it comes to pet food exposed in your house, it’s best to remove it immediately if you discover that it is. If you wait too long, there could be bad side effects for your pet. You could end up having cancer or sickness, for one thing. So don’t let anything discourage you from taking better care of your pets. There are lots of great pet food out there and you can easily find it in supermarkets, online pet shops and specialty pet shops.

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