The Barbie World and Barbie Pet Care Centre

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Barbie’s world is as real for the kids as the real world. These barbies are more famous among the girls, who tend to collect everything available from this world. In this abstract, we will be discussing this dreamland of barbies.

Establishment and more

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Barbara Millicent Roberts nicknamed Barbie was created by Ruth Handler, which was first launched on 9th march 1959 which was inspired by a German doll Bild Lilli. The company Mattel, Inc., which manufactures this fashion doll is an American company.

This barbie now has many accessories, and family members, and is the reason for many Barbie stories, and movies. Though the story of barbie is one, many stories are inspired by this land of barbie.

Barbie sets

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There are many barbie sets available for different activities. These sets can be the kitchen set, the barbie house set, barbie pet care centre, barbie doctor set, and a lot more. These sets deal with different aspects of Barbie’s life. Some of these sets are more common than others. Though many companies tried to imitate this fascinating barbie world, still Mattel, Inc. remains the one with originality.

Barbie pet care centre

Barbie’s world includes many things just like the real world. One such activity is the keeping of pets. Now, when Barbie has pets it is also important to have pet care centres to which Barbie can take her pets for checkups. Hence, we have the barbie pet care centre. In this kit there is a bed for the pet, a stethoscope, feeding bowls for the pet, toys that can be used by the pet, pet treats, and a lot more.

So like any other set, a pet care centre has its features and pieces that fascinate the children. If your child is crazy about the barbie world, it will surely like to have this set added to their collection.

Barbie and other members

In this section of the article, we will take a look at the family chart of Barbie, in which we will also include her friends.

Name- Barbara Millicent Roberts

Parents- George Roberts & Margaret Roberts

Siblings- Skipper, Stacie, Chelsea, Todd, Tutti, and Krissy

Boyfriend- Kenneth Sean Carson (Ken)

Best Friend- Midge Hadley Sherwood

Pet- Taffy 


The Barbie world is a world in which kids love to get lost, not only the toys but kids love to watch her movies or listen to her stories. For such a child a barbie set is the best gift. If you too have to give something to a young lady who loves Barbie, you should buy a set and contribute something to her treasure.

At last, it will not be wrong to conclude that there is a lot to know about the Barbie world but we hope we helped you with something. 

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