The Truth About Fresh Pet Cat Food

fresh pet cat food

Fresh Pet is an American dietary supplement company known worldwide for its pet products. Its pet food products and dog food are sold as fresh and stored at the purchase point. Several brands are available in the US market, such as Fresh Pet Select, Doggie Joy, Vitality, Nature’s Fresh, and donation. It is commonly listed in the Nasdaq stock exchange with the ticker Symbol FRPT.

It’s Easy To Find Pet Foods In The Boston Supermarkets

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The pet food industry is huge in the US, particularly in the cities like Boston, where I live. The question inevitably is: where do I find the best quality, brand name, fresh cat food? The truth is, you can’t always find fresh pet food in a corner store or supermarket. I recently spent some time in the tiny town of Hudson, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston. The area had a small grocery store, but it also had a vast selection of gourmet foods, including fresh chicken and lamb. The store was also very well stocked and had all types of cat food available, including premium brands.

In addition to fresh pet cat food, they had dry cat food, canned food, protein formula, fruit, vegetables, grains, and even diabetic dog food! The entire store was loaded with products to meet any kind of pet needs. One of the biggest problems was always the cleanliness of the food products. When I came into the store, owners were quick to notice that they routinely used a food-cleaning agent, such as Master Clean. Something was amiss.

Always Avoid The Cheap Quality Homemade Cat Food

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The pet owners frequently noted that their kittens were often being put on low-quality homemade cat food, almost always inferior to the store brand. Usually, the inferior cat food was coated with natural preservatives. This synthetic preservative was used frequently and consistently. Owners quickly noticed that their kittens lost weight rapidly and had a very dry coat, almost devoid of fur.

It’s almost impossible to picky about cat care these days. You can buy whole foods, canned foods, even dry food. You can make your cat treas or simply feed your cat’s food from a bowl. In many cases, however, your cat’s diet is simply not adequate for optimal health. Owners are left frustrated, not knowing where to turn for help.

Look For Quality Homemade Food

A visit to the vet is not out of the question, but it’s usually time-consuming, expensive, and confusing. After all, there are so many different kinds of cat foods. There are whole grains, which contain all sorts of beneficial nutrients, and sometimes used in place of wheat gluten. There are various brands and different manufacturers. And, of course, each brand may contain different types of preservatives.

Final Thoughts

Many manufacturers use by-products to make their pet foods, such as liver, kidney or other organ tissues, fats and oils, eggs, vitamins, and other food components that are not usually found in the ingredients of pet foods. Most people are not aware of these by-products and don’t realize that they are harmful or unhealthy. But, when your cat ingests them, it can develop cancer, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, or other serious health problems. By-products from non-natural pet foods are often derived from the by-products used to process animal feed.

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