Things You Must Know About Automatic Pet Food Dispenser

automatic pet food dispenser

What exactly is an automatic pet food dispenser?

Food Dispenser

A pet’s favorite time of the day is their mealtime! Gone are the days you’ll have to walk up and down to feed your pets in a busy schedule. Technology has stepped up! YES!

If technology is emerging everywhere, why not in the pet field? Automatic pet food dispensers have been introduced to help you people.

Automatic pet food dispenser portions out your pet’s food depending on the programming schedule you’ll be making. Food dispensers for pets are helpful in many means like portion control. Pets with diets are much more beneficial since the same amount of food will be given throughout. 

What should you look at before you choose an automatic dog food dispenser?

A plate of food

Automatic pet food dispensers are simple and easy to work with. Make sure you check the following while you are buying an automatic pet food dispenser:

  • The design must be strong
  • Programming should be quite simple to understand and operate
  • It must be easy to clean
  • Also, check if the schedule is done right

Why should you use an automatic pet food dispenser?

  • You need not hurry in your busy schedules They can be programmed in such a way that the timing matches your pet’s mealtime
  • Quantity limits can be set
  • If you are heading out without your pet, you need not worry about their mealtime
  • Time consumption
  • You need not wake up early in the morning to feed your pets
  • Voice control option makes sure which pet eats which food

Let us look at some of the best automatic pet food dispensers:

Pet safe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder

This is the basic pet food dispenser. For beginners, it will be quite easy to handle. It has a good programming schedule. But, there are no bells or notification sounds.

In this model, one can program up to 12 meals per day.

Cool, right?

Pros and cons of using Pet safe healthy pet simply feed automatic feeder


  1. The bowl is easy to clean
  2. The stainless steel bowl is harmless for the pets
  3. No electrical waste, since it works on batteries
  4. The slow food mode is a top-notch reason why one must buy the product


  1. The programming part may be confusing if you do not follow the steps properly
  2. If your pup is too notorious, makes sure it does not make the extra food fall off the ground

The WOPet SmartFeeder

The WOPet SmartFeeder is another amazing product. It has a web camera fitted inside. You can program 4 meals per day.

Pros and cons of using WOPet Smartfeeder


  1. The voice record function in this brand is quite amazing
  2. Programming is easy
  3. Timed meals are other advantages
  4. You can connect the product with your android and iPhones too


Make sure the Wi-Fi connection is stable and is always connected with the food dispenser


Bye-bye to the old, conventional methods of feeding your pets. Automation has taken place all over!

Stop worrying about your pets and grab your pet’s automatic food dispenser ASAP!

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