Top 20 Cat Houses and Condos

cat houses and condos

It’s hard not to see cats these days, as they are becoming more and more popular as household pets. And just like you would want your cat to have the utmost comfort, safety, and security in their cat house or cat condo, so should you.

As I have mentioned cat houses and cat condos are becoming more popular as household pets, but what exactly are cat houses? It’s an enclosed area where your cat can rest and sleep in that has a roof over its head. Cat condos on the other hand is a cat house with several floors to it that has cat toys and scratching posts.

While cat houses and cat condos can be expensive, it is a worthy investment to make if you want the best for your cat. After all, who wouldn’t want their feline friend to have the stability they need? Here are twenty cat houses and cat condos that you should consider buying for your cat.

1. Aspen Pet Self-Warming Cat House – Perfect cat house or cat condo for colder climates, has a door flap for security purposes, made with plush material.

2. Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo – This cat condo is an elegant design, sturdy and durable cat condos that are very easy to assemble. It can hold up to fifty pounds of weight also!

3. K&H Kitty Sill Deluxe – A cat bed that attaches to your window, it’s water-resistant and holds up very well in all types of weather.

4. Hamilton Beech Wood Two Story Cat Condo House – A heavy-duty cat condo that is perfect for multiple cat households as they have two stories to it and is very sturdy.

5. Merry Products Cat Tree Condo – This cat condo has a cat house at the top which can be closed off with a door flap for your cat’s privacy, is easy to clean, and is pretty cheap.

6. One Way Pet Street Cat Furniture – Is made out of bamboo and is durable as well as stylish, also great for multiple cat households as you can purchase more than one cat condo with this set!

7. SmartCat Peek-A-Prize Toy Box Cat Tower – Has a wide base that makes it very stable and less likely to tip over when your cat climbs up and down the cat condo towers, is also fairly cheap compared to other cat houses or cat condos.

8. K&H Manufacturing Company Inc – The cat house has a soft plush material inside, a cat bed that is removable and washable and is very easy to assemble.

9. Kitty Mansions Luxury Cat Tree – This cat condo can hold up to forty pounds of weight, scratch guards on the posts so your cat won’t ruin your furniture when sharpening its nails, and it’s hanging hammock can be detached from the cat condo towers for cleaning purposes.

10. Paws & Pals 2-Tier Cat Condo Wall Mount Scratching Post – Has a tall scratching post that allows your cat to stretch while they sharpen their claws which helps prevent them from your furniture! It also holds up pretty well against cat claws.

11. Mayne Slow Feed Cat Bowl – Helps prevent your cat from gorging itself, reduces the risk of bloating and indigestion, also very easy to clean!

12. PetFusion Lounge Sleeper Sofa Bed Cat Bed – This cat bed is made out of memory foam that has an orthopedic design that helps reduce pain in your cat’s joints. It is perfect for older cats!

13. Nature’s Miracle High-Back Scratcher Cat Litter – Prevents litter scatters as your cat scratches on the base instead of on your furniture or carpet, and can be cleaned easily with warm water and soap!

14 Gazebo Igloo Cat House – This cat house is made with faux fur and has a cat bed inside for your cat to sleep on, also has windows that can be opened or closed.

15. Good Pet Stuff Company Hidden Cat Litter Box – Perfect cat condo or cat house for pets that are shy or nervous as it looks like an old-fashioned plant pot but actually holds some litter inside!

16. Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo – Its cat condos are very affordable compared to other cat houses on the market so you should definitely consider this one if you’re looking for cheap cat condos!

17. K&H Manufacturing Company Inc Kitty Sill Deluxe – An enclosed cat condo that has soft plush material, also a detachable waterproof cover for your cat’s comfort purposes!

18. SmartCat Peek-A-Prize Toy Box Cat Tower – Has a cat bed at the top for cats to sleep on, also has toys attached to the cat condo towers that dangle down for your cat to play with!

19. K&H Manufacturing Company Inc Kitty Sill Deluxe – Has an attached cat sleeping mat, is very easy to assemble, and is also very affordable compared to other cat condos or cat houses on the market!

20. Merry Products Cat Tree Condo – This cat condo has two stories so you can have more than one cat using it which makes it great for multi-cat households! It also holds up pretty well against cat claws.

Why You Should Get Your Cat A Cat House

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Cats need cat houses for many reasons. Cats spend 25-75% of their day exploring and scratching things, scratching things that may be unacceptable to scratches such as furniture and carpeting, and stretching out on window sills. All cat owners will know the feeling of not being able to move all of your cat’s cat furniture because there’s so much cat hair clumped onto it. Cat houses help cats feel safe and happy, plus they also help stop cat hair from getting all over your home!

Cat houses and cat condos can be a great first step for someone who is deciding whether or not to bring a cat into their home. It’s usually less expensive than buying other cat accessories that you would need such as food dishes and cat beds.

What to Look For in a Good Cat House or Condo

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When looking for cat houses and cat condos you should consider the size of your cat, the location where you will be placing it, and what material you want your cat house made out of. The cat’s age is another factor that should go into consideration but it shouldn’t really determine what cat house or condo you get them because even though kittens like smaller places, adult cats also enjoy small spaces once in a while! If your cat likes to stretch and scratch then your best bet would be a scratching post. Other than that, there are so many funny cat houses and condos. How do you know which one to choose!? I know we all love our cats but sometimes cat houses and cat condos can be a bit…lacking in the design department. My cat house is very basic but I love it. It’s just his cat bed, cat trees, and cat house all rolled into one!

Condo-Style Cat Houses Compared To Traditional Cat Houses

Cat condo-style cat houses are actually pretty great if you’re looking for a little peace of mind knowing that your cat won’t be able to get out or be too comfortable so they will go back home with you after their daily adventures outside. I know my older cat doesn’t really like cat condos because he feels cornered and trapped so we got him an open, traditional styled cat house and he loves it! He likes to jump around between different levels and sleep in cat beds.

Quality cat condos are also better for keeping your cat safe at home because there is usually no way for your cat to get out so they will become less likely to sneak outside when you’re not looking. The cat condo has all of the cat accessories in one place so it makes it easier to keep track of things. It’s also much bigger than a traditional cat house or cat bed, which means that there’s room for multiple cats! However, if you have an older cat then I don’t recommend getting them something too complicated just because they may feel too trapped and be unable to escape!

A few good cat condo brands are Homer Cat Condo, Sky Kitty (which also doubles as furniture), and Cat Heaven (I haven’t personally used cat heaven cat houses but I have heard good reviews!).

Types Of Cats That Prefer Condos Over Houses

Cats that roam outside a lot may prefer cat condos over cat houses. Cats just feel safer in a condo because it’s usually a secure, closed-off space with only one way out. Outdoor cats are also more likely to find cat condos interesting compared to traditional cat houses because the cat condos usually have scratching posts and cat trees attached inside of them! If your cat is an explorer or you think they would enjoy exploring multiple levels then take a look at something like The Homer Cat Condo. It has 3 different levels which make for extra fun when playing with your kitty!


In this article, I have shared with you the top cat houses and cat condos on the market. Whether your cat prefers a condo-style house or a traditional cat house, there is something for every cat! If you are looking to purchase a cat home, consider how big it will be and what type of materials would best suit your personality before making a decision. Cats enjoy small spaces too so don’t settle for anything that seems like it may be too large or complicated. Let us know if we can help in any way by contacting our team today!

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