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Top Services Of Nashua Pet Care Clinic

nashua pet care clinic

The staff at the Nashua pet care clinic is always ready and fully understands your love and affection towards your loved pets so they are pleased to diagnose your pet with their well-equipped treatment and tools with their years of experience in the veterinary field. From the admission of your pet to the advanced and high tech. Diagnosis of your pet Nashua pet care clinic is with you. From vaccines to complex operations and surgical treatment, your pet is our responsibility and he or she will receive the best of care at Nashua pet care clinic.

Here’s are the services you will receive at Nashua pet care clinic

1. Anesthesia

A person holding a cat

Anaesthesia is a treatment given before an operation or surgery to loosen the temporary sensation so the pet can’t be in pain. It is also known as anaesthesia which comes from  Greek which means without sensation.

2. Dental Care

A person holding a dog

Your pet will receive the best possible dental care at Nashua pet care clinic. Dental care is also very necessary for a pet and should be treated very carefully and gently.

3. Fully stocked pharmacy

Nashua pet care clinic has a full stock of medical products and a huge inventory of necessary veterinary products and medical support.

4. Hospice and Euthanasia Services

Nashua pet care clinic also has Euthanasia and hospice service at Nashua pet care clinic. If the situation arises we have the hospice and Euthanasia service.

5. Laboratory

Nashua pet care clinic has a well-equipped laboratory with experienced staff with all the safety norms.

6. Microchipping

Your pet identification will be done by the microchipping method of identification. Every pet will have unique chips under its neck and they will be detected with a microchip scanner.

7. Nutritional counselling

Nashua pet care clinic has nutritional counselling at our hospital because pets also need a healthy weight and fat to body ratio. After all, unhealthy weight and fat lead to obesity in them.

In short, there should be a proper nutrition balance and counselling needed to keep your pet healthy and hearty.

8. Pain management

Nsaid ( non steroidal anti-inflammatory medication)

It is used to relieve and treat the pet in the clinic. It is very beneficial in the relief of the short pain of the pet. 

9. Puppy and kitten care

The care of your pet Is the topmost priority at Nashua pet care clinic. There will be given importance to every little thing of your pet for example pets hygiene, food, water, a healthy environment etc.

10. Vaccinations

Vaccinations of the pet are the most important treatment to a pet and we provide every vaccination to your pet. Nashua pet care clinic has professional staff for the vaccination drive for your pet. A proper time table is given to the pet’s owner and they are told about every inoculation.

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