Top VIP Pet Care Tips For Owners

Pets are our ideal companions. You will be amazed to know that pets can bring unconditional love to you if treated likewise. It is thus our responsibility to take good care and to be kind to them. Just spending some time with these living creatures is not enough. They need proper care just like we humans. This commentary is all about VIP pet care tips for all pet lovers who want to prioritize good health care of their pets.

Being a parent of your pet, you want to do everything for your pet, from vaccinations to various activities that make them happier and healthier. However, if you are a new parent, there can be a series of worries that may overwhelm you.

Here are a few tips which will direct you in making your pet healthier and happier.

Regular Check-Ups

Vip Pet Care with Medical Checkup
Vip Pet Care with Medical Checkup

To initiate the VIP pet care, regular medical checkups are the earliest things to do in order. Unlike humans, dogs grow rapidly and hence need a good health routine at least twice a year. In case you fail in doing so, you can give your pet an easy home checkup before you go for your next veterinary checkup visit. Check out your pet’s body thoroughly when they are asleep.

Examine their skin, ears, nose, legs and keep on noticing their diet and habits so that when you move on to the doctor’s visit, you can explain to them your pet’s condition better. You can also rush to the doctor if you find something wrong with your pet’s health.

Regular Vaccination Schedules

In the first few months, pets are vaccinated to keep them protected against diseases. These vaccinations are given after every 3 to 4 early weeks till they reach 14 to 16 weeks.

Get Proper Identification

In fear of losing our beloved one, we give top-most priority to the identification, so that our pet child can be back to us safely. There are various ways around to ensure your pet’s identity even it gets lost somewhere in your absence. Tattoos, collar tag, and microchips are the most common ways of identification that most of the people around us.

Neutering Your Pets

Whenever you think of adopting a pet, you must keep in mind about their neutering or spaying. Let us know what that means.

In female dogs or cats, removal of ovaries and uterus is called spaying. This procedure is essential as it grants continuing health benefits.

Similarly, neutering is done in male dogs or cats for the removal of testicles. This puts an impact on their behavioral changes.

Vip Pet Care With Proper Nutrition

Habits and Grooming Tasks With Vip Pet Care
Habits and Grooming Tasks With Vip Pet Care

Generally, our pets love to have the same food that we eat. They love to have the food from our plates. But is that worth giving?

The food that we eat is not always good for our pets. Their calorie needs are different than ours. Hence, we must understand what is essential for them and how many calorie should be provided to them per through their diet. For instance-

  • 250 calorie/day- 12-pound cat
  • 950 calorie/day- 50-pound dog

This is the standard calorie intake. Understanding this need, proper diet along with best VIP pet care is essential.

Habits and Grooming Tasks

Grooming is important for good health and appearance. Shiny hair is an indication of good health. When these hair are turned into the dull and pale coat, it indicates that something is going wrong within the body.

Good Habitat

Ensure that your pets are kept in an ideal place from where they can interact with you and the surrounding better. Do not place them in a dim and dull room or an unhealthy atmosphere.

Lights, temperature, and other such factors can also affect your dear ones. So, ensure that they are kept protected from all the things that affect them and their health.

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