Train Your Pet Like A Classic WoW Hunter

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When you start out in World of Warcraft, there is nothing like getting a new pet. Your pet, your companion, is there to help you in battle and then when the game ends, they are just as useful to have around as they were at the beginning. However, pets can become quite a problem when you have several of them. To make the most of your pets, you need to learn all about classic WoW pet training so that you can get the best of them. This includes all the tricks that trainers can use to get their pets to be more obedient.

First of all, you should not train your pets using cheats or hacks. They are not designed for this purpose and if they work, the game will be finished very quickly. You can only teach them to do what you want them to do – not what someone else wants them to do. You can get some help in that regard by looking through the WoW forums. There, you can find people who have tried some tricks on other peoples’ pets and they will tell you whether it worked or not. If it didn’t, you can try another trick, but you need to keep notes of any successes or failures so that you can decide whether the trick is worth trying again.

Much Easier When You Have A Pet

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Classic WoW pet training is much easier when you have a pet. When they are in your party, they will follow your commands just like any animal – they won’t run off to do something they don’t want to do. Only your pet will do these things when they are specifically asked to. Training them by using cheats or hacks will confuse them and they won’t obey you because they think that you are playing a game against them. This is wrong and can result in your pet quitting.

Classic WoW pet training also needs to involve rewards. Once your pet has learned something, you need to show them that their job is to do what you want. If you want them to gather wood or gather food, then they need to do this. You shouldn’t let them do their usual job unless you want to reward them for their behavior – otherwise, they’ll only think that you are bugging them and they will quit.

They Won’t Jump On People

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Some classic WoW pet training involves “breaking” bad habits. You probably know that if you have a dog, they won’t jump on people. However, sometimes you don’t know that your pet is doing this, and you need to train them differently – by giving them an alternative command that isn’t as annoying as jumping on people.

There are many classic tricks that can be used to train your pets. Pet tricks tend to be more fun and they can be very rewarding when you train your pet. There are also many good tips that can be found in the classic World of Warcraft gamer guides.

Training Can Also Be Achieved With The Help Of Achievements

Classic WoW pet training can also be achieved with the help of achievements. For example, if you are a level 25 hunter, you can get the achievement for catching a gargoyle. Your pet will also learn how to speak when you use the /pet command. There are a lot of other achievements out there and they won’t cost anything. The best part is, you get to earn the achievements for yourself and your pet.


Remember that classic WoW pet training is one of the most effective ways to train your pet. It can be very time-consuming but it’s well worth it. You will feel proud that your pet knows some tricks that others don’t know yet. Plus, you can get special rewards from your pet whenever you train them. The benefits are many!

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