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We all want only the best for our pets and their well-being. However, how many of us are giving them the proper healthcare they so rightfully require? Animals cannot directly discuss their grievances or troubles with us, so we can only blindly and wholly rely on our vets. United Pet Care is one such organization that provides a ‘healthcare membership savings program’ for all of our furry friends back at home and follows an ‘easy-to-use savings program’ that aims to provide affordable veterinary care for our pets.

Member Benefits

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Members receive considerably low prices on vaccinations, office visits, surgeries, and medications. Taking pets for frequent visitations on a routine basis plays a significant part in any pet’s overall health instead of veterinary trips that have been taken only during sickness. UPC believes general health check-ups shouldn’t be as ridiculously priced as most are and hence have come up with such an initiation to help pet owners financially. Various parameters like that of the steps that need to be taken for the enrolment of this program, the benefits of registering, the most common procedures performed on pets, and the kinds of medications they use to treat pets are listed below.

How To Enroll With United Pet Care

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For the Individual Membership Enrolment, one can sign up online. First, they must choose the state they reside in. Then, they need to submit details like the number of pets they have, the category their pet belongs to, typically a rescue, senior, association, or an individual member, and many more. After this, they must select their preferred program and payment methods to choose from according to their likings and finally, choose the ‘primary care veterinarian’ from whom they wants their pets to be treated. An alternative would be to call them at 602-266-5303 in Arizona or 949-916-7374 in California.

United Pet Care Benefits

United Pet Care ensures that they do not include any claim forms and charge any additional deductibles. They also do not have long waiting hours since they schedule appointments with pet owners according to a strict plan so that the patience of neither the pet nor its owner is disrupted. They also do not limit the number of times one can visit the vets, as these are of utmost importance for the well-being of one’s pets.

Common Procedures

Standard procedures that are usually worked on at United Pet Care are procedures that require anesthesia, dental, fluid therapy, radiology, transfusions, diagnostic testing, neuter, and a series of vaccines for the younger ones.


The procedures mentioned above are usually followed up with the various kinds of medications provided at UPC like Antibiotics, Chemotherapy, Hormone/Anti-inflammatories, Cardiovascular/Respiratory, and dental products.


Consisting of professionally qualified veterinarians, United Pet Care is loved and adored by pet-owners due to its affordable price and friendly services. It hence is why they renew their membership every year since it is worth it. They are instrumental during emergencies and surgeries, and since their bills are discounted right after they pay at the time of service, they are assured of a cost reduction.

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