Useful French Bulldogs Puppy Advice

Useful French Bulldogs Puppy Advice

French bulldogs are a great breed for people who want to be involved in the rescue of dogs, but they aren’t right for everyone; this article will give you some common sense that you need to keep in mind when looking for puppy advice for Frenchies. This breed was bred to be extremely high energy and adaptable, so it makes sense that the big personality may rub some people the wrong way.

Not Do Something To Hurt Your Dog: French Bulldogs

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Useful French Bulldogs Puppy Advice

First, if you have a bulldog, be sure you’re not doing something that will hurt your dog. The French bulldog is often a very energetic breed and tends to be a “have it all” type of dog. Their size means they do well with many different activities that dogs like to do. But having too much energy can be stressful for your bulldog, which is why it’s important to consider the health side of the whole situation before you start training.

Don’t Be Fooled By Puppy Advice: French Bulldogs

Second, don’t be fooled by puppy advice for Frenchies that suggests you should never leave your bulldog alone for long periods. Bulldogs are great watchdogs. They are very alert and can be very quick to act. If you plan on leaving your bulldog alone for a good part of the day, use treats as a reward for correct behavior.

Don’t Be Rough With Your New Puppy: French Bulldogs

Also, don’t be too rough with your new puppy, especially when it comes to training. You have to understand that the young puppy will learn at its own pace, and it’s important to let them know that there will be a reason they don’t always get what they want.

A French bulldog pup is going to be a strong leader from day one. It is going to show initiative by trying to follow whatever you want it to do. If you get into an argument with your French bulldog puppy, be patient and wait for them to settle down before raising your voice. Remember that this breed isn’t overly temperamental but rather very stubborn.

Take BullSdog Puppy Everywhere With You

You should also take the bulldog puppy everywhere with you. That’s because these dogs are notorious for needing to be walked and taken out. A young bulldog puppy needs to be walked every day, so you will need to provide that and other daily household chores.

You will have to consider another thing, that is how you are going to handle the new puppy. Many people bring their new puppy home without even knowing its name. Be sure to get this puppy’s name before you bring it home.

And if you find out your bulldog puppy has some medical problems such as a common eye problem or arthritis, don’t be afraid to seek veterinary advice. French bulldogs are very special dogs and should be treated as such.

If you do not have any previous experience with dogs, be sure to do some research on the dog’s temperament before deciding to get one. A bulldog is a big dog and could be a little aggressive in certain situations.

Find A Bulldog Breeder

Also, if you don’t already have a friend with a bulldog that you can bring home with you, do some research online or in the yellow pages to find a bulldog breeder. These are the perfect places to find a great French bulldog puppy because they are usually owned by reputable breeders that are experts at looking after the dog’s welfare.

French bulldogs puppy advice
Useful French Bulldogs Puppy Advice

After you get your new pet, you will likely have several generations of bulldogs to train up and adjust to the family lifestyle. To help the kids with the transition, start by teaching them some basic commands. Some of these basic commands sit, stay, come, and go.

Final Words

Keeping these basics in mind will help make your bulldog puppy easier to train and keep you and your kids happier when you introduce them to your dog. Try to remember that being a puppy to a good adult will take time and patience, but that it is the process that will make your relationship with your dog even stronger.

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