Using Pet Training Pads For Effective Pet Training

pet training pads

Potty training your dog is probably the first priority when you first re housebreaking your pet. It can sometimes be difficult to find it right, particularly when dealing with older dogs that haven’t been potty trained. That’s why pet training pads help make things so much easier, by not having to worry so much about stains, or getting your dog used to a new target. These pads are comfortable, soft, absorbent, reusable, washable, safe, economical, & easy to use.

Benefits Of Pet Training Pads

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What makes pet training pads different from paper targets are their absorbency, ease of use, hygiene, and ease of cleaning up afterwards. They work in a way that make them easier to clean up, as well as being easier for your pup to hold onto, because they’re soft and squishy. That’s important, because puppies tend to have a very high sensitivity to shock, so keeping them away from too much discomfort is important. The amount of moisture that staying on the pad also matters, because if it gets too wet, then your pup could end up getting sick or having his bladder stone. If you use absorbency as one of your priorities in choosing your training pads, you can rest assured that your pup will stay as safe as he can.

Measure The Inside Of Your Puppy’s Crate

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To help determine which size you need to go with, measure the inside of your puppy’s crate or doghouse to find the right size of pet training pads. When measuring, be sure not to include the paws. Make sure that there’s plenty of room all the way from the back of the foot to the shoulder on each side of the puppy, just like a cat has lots of space between its paws.

Not all pet training pads are made the same. Some are completely leak-proof. Others are completely absorbent. There are even specially designed for dogs with special medical conditions that affect their ability to hold their urine in. These dogs should never be confined to a small area or placed on a very hard, cold potty seat. If they must be, then opt for one with a softer surface.

Training Pads Are Thicker

Some pet training pads are made of thicker, absorbent materials that can repel a dog’s urine for days. There are others that are made of neoprene or foam. If your pup is on a high-protein diet, then these can work well, but keep in mind that many dogs will not like to have their pee left on a pad. These pads can come in handy when your furry friend is away from home for the day, though, so consider getting one of these that has an attached feature for when he returns. These generally dry very quickly and are easy to wipe up.

Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish, you might want to use different sizes of training pads. There are ones designed for small, medium and large dogs. These also come with different levels of absorbency and are available in two-inch increments to five-inch increments.


The quick-drying surface of some pads is a plus because it allows them to be placed under your furniture or even the bed. They may seem a little on the pricey side but considering the cost of an accident with your pet, it’s definitely worth it. If you have kids, this can also be a great way to housebreak them as they won’t be able to hold 3 cups of urine and pee without creating a mess. This will eliminate the need for having to scoop up the mess out of the bed or other surfaces.

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