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Wellhaven Pet Health, a unique family of pet health veterinarian hospitals based in Vancouver, WA, today announced a joint partnership with Womankind, a worldwide leader in women’s health, in a new online network coming in February of next year, LEAD WELL. The site will feature many services that will assist women in caring for their pets and will showcase the wealth of resources available for them in this area.

As health and wellness become more important to a woman’s everyday lives, the idea behind a community dedicated to providing information and resources on women’s health is one that is gaining popularity. Women have always had to juggle multiple careers, children, and home and family responsibilities. The advent of the internet has made it easier for women to do all these things and have time to take care of their pets as well. Now they will have a place where they can find information and a forum for interaction with other women in this field.

Wellhaven Pet Health

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The website will offer access to resources on a wide variety of topics in the healthcare arena. There will be a wealth of information on topics such as skincare, diet and nutrition, exercise and fitness, nutrition and supplements, natural treatments, and even pet grooming tips. The focus will remain on providing information that is both reliable and up to date, with an emphasis on the positive aspects of having a healthy lifestyle. In this way, women will have a forum for discussing anything that relates to their pets or their own lives.

Other aspects of the web site include information on wellness products, support groups, and a virtual tour of local wellness establishments. Women can also make requests for information by email or through a message board that will provide a direct interface between members.

The focus of the health center, which is located at 1240 Main Street, Suite 101, Suite 800, Vancouver WA, will focus on providing an environment where women will feel comfortable and secure about their health issues. That is part of the reason why the site will be housed in the Womankind building, an internationally acclaimed and respected business center.

Wellhaven Pet Health Services

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The Wellhaven Pet Health website will also have information about the medical history of the facility, including how it was founded, its current reputation and success, the number of members, and how the community has responded to the growth of Wellhaven Pet Health. Since the establishment has been opened, the website boasts that it has helped to develop a large international network of clients and doctors. The site also says that it provides free services to members, including a newsletter, chat room, and email forum.

In addition to the regular mailings that members are able to opt into, Wellhaven Pet Health has planned several other events to enhance the experience of members. There will be an annual general meeting that will take place in April of next year, a retreat in June that will focus on wellness education and activities, and there will also be a special “Women Only” meeting that is scheduled for September.

All these activities are designed to help pet owners to get to know the staff and to expand the client base and share information with each other. As a part of this ongoing effort, members will also have access to a monthly newsletter that contains important information about wellness topics.

Important Information 

This publication will be updated with new information and tips about health issues for pets that are not covered in the Wellhaven Pet Health center’s publications. It is expected that the newsletter will address the issues that are more often discussed in the community, such as the relationship between diet, nutrition, and weight gain.

In addition to the newsletter, there will also be a forum available to members through the Wellhaven Pet Health web site so that they can interact with others and ask questions. In some cases, questions may also be submitted directly through an email address. Members may also contact the web site to ask about information on wellness events that they might need to attend.

Final Words

As more health concerns are uncovered, the Wellhaven Pet Health website will work to keep members informed and prepared to help pet owners better understand their own health issues. This includes educating members about health issues that may affect their dogs or cats, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and osteoporosis and providing links for wellness centers around the country.

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