What To Look For In Pet Care Near Meadow, Vt.

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Finding good pet care near a meadow is not easy. The closest I can get to being on a hiking trail is the adjacent towns of Elkridge and St. Joseph, and even then I have to get in the car and take 45 minutes of road travel just to get to the closest vet. My search for pet care has taken me all over the state of Oregon, but the biggest problem I have always had has been near Portland. I live about an hour away from here in Gresham, but the search there is almost as difficult as trying to find pet care in Grantsburg, Maryland or Rockville, Maryland.

Holiday Inn

Pet Care

Well, here is what I finally found. One thing that is near to my house is the Holiday Inn on the Way, which is very close to the Sage Ridge Trail. Another great (small) place is the Greenbrae Pet Care Center on NE MLK Drive, which also is close to the trail. They are in pretty good shape, despite the fact that they were previously closed due to pest infestation. I would not use their services for small pets like cats and dogs, but their small feline pet options are ok.

That left the area surrounding the meadow. I know I live near Multnomah County CourtHouse, so I turned to Google Maps to see if I could find some information about the care facilities. It turns out that a couple of these places actually exist, but they are fairly far apart. So I turned back to Google, this time to look for information about the Multnomah County Jail. I could see several listings for free shelters, but nothing else.

Humane Society

Pet Care

So here’s what I’d recommend if you’re looking for a pet-shelter near you. The Humane Society of the United States of America is near Rocha Mesa, so if you have a cat or dog that fits this description, they might be able to help you out. They have a website, as well as a number for free dog/cat adoptions. They are located near Main Street, so be careful of your directions when you’re driving. I’d definitely call them before going somewhere without a map.

Pet Services International is another provider near Multnomah County CourtHouse. They have an address of 7001 SW Canyon Blvd, Suite #2. This is the same place that I found Pet Services International’s website. The facility is open 24 hours, so if you need a little extra help finding a care facility for your pets, this could be a viable option.

Animal Care Of Oregon

Another pet care company that is a little further away from where I live (and closer to my office) is called Animal Care of Oregon. They have an online address, along with a phone number. If you don’t live anywhere near Multnomah County, they do ship their pets to them, as long as you order online. They do offer some good prices, and I’d definitely use them if my pets were in need of pet care.

Last Words

The best pet care center isn’t always the one where you’ll find the cheapest premiums or pet care fees. It’s the place you can go to feel safe, secure, and let the experts handle all of your animals’ needs. You know you have a vet who knows what they’re doing, who treats your animals with kindness, and who takes care of them every day. This is what I look for in pet care centers, and it can help you find the right center if you’re in York, Vermont or nearby.

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