Wow Classic Pet Training Points You Should Learn About

wow classic pet training points

Wow Classic is World of Warcraft Classic, an MMORPG video game developed by Blizzard entertainment and taming pets is an integral part.

Wow Classic Pet Training Points – Pets And Taming

There are several kinds of pet families, effectiveness, and appearances. Plus, different abilities and levels of excellence in different situations. Managing the pets is a task in itself because pets have their health and cooldowns to be tracked and they require proper feeding to maintain happiness. It prevents the pet from abandoning the player. 

You can only tame a beast of your level or lower as scaling has not been introduced. And taming a beast higher than you is not possible. When taming, the hunter becomes vulnerable. There can be only three pets at once. One active and the other two at the stablemaster. 

Training Points

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The training points are used to specialize the pet in various ways, including passive modifications. For example, Cobra Reflexes, Health, and Resistances, as well as active abilities such as Growl, Cower, etc. Pets gain training points based on their loyalty and level. The happier they are, the more points they secure. It is calculated using the formula (level)*(loyalty – 1). With six royalty ranks in total, the maximum number of points you can get is 300. These maximal training points are not affected by the level at which the pet was tamed. Training points help you teach various abilities to your pet. In addition, each ability also requires Hunter Pet levels. If there are negative points, you will need to go up on the loyalty part to get rid of them. Training points can be reset by Pet Trainers who are found near Hunter Trainers in prime cities.

Wow Classic Pet Training Points – Spending Training Points

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You can spend the training points to teach your pet a new skill. But keep in mind, you can only train a skill that your pet is capable of learning. Growl can be given free training even if the pet has no training points and additionally with negative training points. Most of the traits require training points, and hence, you don’t learn all new characteristics together. You get back the training points that you have spent on the previous traits. So, it may say 17 but may cost you only 4 points. When you click on a feature, you can get to know if you can afford the cost. 


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TPs or Training Points, thus, are the points earned by Hunter pets and spent on learning abilities. They are obtained by leveling and being loyal. 

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